Focusene All Natural Herbal Anxiety Remedy

Focusene Formula

Focusene has been scientifically formulated to fight attention problems, lack of focus and distractedness using the latest advances in the fields of psychology, nutrition, herbal medicine and neuroscience. Focusene is the only all-natural supplement that offers complete precursors for Dopamine and Acetylcholine – the two most important brain chemicals for focus, short term memory and brain signal processing.

Our laboratory follows strict quality–assurance procedures when manufacturing Focusene. Our product contains only standardized plant extracts and pharmaceutical–grade amino acids and nutrients to ensure maximum purity and potency.

Dandelion Extract
Dandelions are rich in Luteolin1, a powerful PDE4 inhibitor2. PDE4 inhibitors have been scientifically shown to improve memory 3 4 5, wakefulness and general cognition6 7. Dandelion has roughly 10 times the Luteolin content of artichoke extract, one of the most popular natural nootropic luteolin sources8 9. We are the first company to feature dandelion as our preferred source of Luteolin.

Forskolin, the active compound in the Coleus Forskohlii plant10, has been shown to boost cAMP levels in the brain11. To put it simply, cAMP is a form of cellular energy responsible for sending signals between cells12 13. Boosting cAMP is like turning up the dial on the strength of your brain signals13 14. Combined with luteolin, Forskolin has been scientifically shown to increase the strength and duration of cAMP in brain cells15.

Phenlyalanine - via

An amino acid often found in nuts and legumes that is a known precursor to Dopamine16 and Acetylcholine, two of the most important neurotransmitters in the brain for regulating memory17, concentration, focus and brain signals18. Having more Phenylalanine available in your diet means having more of the essential building block of the concentration-center of your brain.

L–theanine, L–Theanine, an amino acid found in green tea19, increases the activity of GABA20, a neurotransmitter that helps reduce physical tension, among other functions21. L–theanine also stimulates the release of dopamine22, a neurotransmitter frequently out of balance in those who suffer from poor concentration or attention problems.23 24

Shown to boost physical and mental energy naturally25, ALCAR is an antioxidant amino acid derived from the less bioavailable L-Carnitine26. L-Carnitine is produced in the liver27 and also ingested in some foods. ALCAR works as a procurer to the neurotransmitter acetylcholine28, which impacts attentiveness and memory18. Optimizing acetylcholine has been shown to positively impact mental focus18 as well as improve sleep and mood29 30. Within Focusene, ALCAR works to counter the acetylcholinesterase - which can be bad for focus - created by increasing cAMP.

Grape Seed Extract
Grape seeds contain powerful antioxidants as well as a high concentration of vitamin E, flavonoids, linoleic acid and phenolic procyanidins (OPCs)31 32 33. There are a number of potential benefits to supplementing with Grape Seed Extract, but OPC's are possibly the most important33. Lab studies have shown that OPCs help regulate the neurotransmitters dopamine and norepinephrine, which are implicated in attention problems and impact focus, concentration and memory34. Grape Seed Extract also helps better enable your blood to transport vital nutrients to the brain34.

Brahmi (Bacopa Monnieri)
Often used by Ayurvedic healers, Bacopa is traditionally prescribed to promote healthy cognitive function, including focus, concentration, mental endurance and memory35 36 37 38. Modern studies also demonstrate that bacopa is fantastic for supporting the body through times of high mental stress.

Deanol (DMAE)
Deanol is needed to build the chemical choline39. Having more choline in the body has been shown to increase the production of acetylcholine, which is critical to brain and nervous system function40 41. There is a growing body of research in support of using DEANOL to fight attention problems as well as cognitive decline.42 43

Vitamin B6
Getting enough of the many forms of Vitamin B is essential to maintaining proper brain function44. Vitamin B is involved in the metabolism, as well as the production of Serotonin45. Low levels of Vitamin B have been linked to anxiety, restlessness, fatigue, irritability, and emotional instability46.

Ginkgo Biloba
The ginkgo tree is a living fossil that produces leaves that have been used medicinally since early human civilization47. Extracts made of these leaves have powerful impact on cognitive ability48. Ginkgo is commonly used as a nootropic to support memory49 and concentration48 and strengthens the function of the serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine neurotransmitters50. It has also been shown in studies to fight cognitive decline51.

Korean Red Ginseng
Asian ginseng has been used for many centuries for a variety of traditional uses, including support for memory52 anxiety and depression53. Often used in traditional Chinese medicine to promote vigor and healthy blood54, ginseng is one of the oldest herbal compounds in eastern medical traditions55.