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   "Keeps me sharp."

Since I was a child, focusing on the task at hand has always been a struggle. For years, doctors tried to have my parents, and me now as an adult, take [prescription medications]. No thank you! I tried some natural alternatives and still no luck. With hope, I tried out Focusene and I am so happy to have never lost hope! Focusene keeps me sharp and the time I take to finish many tasks has dropped nearly in half. Since taking it for a few months now, I feel like my mental clarity is stronger even when I haven’t taken it that day!*
–Matt B., Kansas City, KS

   "Great for studying and writing papers."

Focusene to the rescue! Within 20 minutes of taking it, my thoughts are clear and I start getting things done. No more having to read a paragraph two three times just to actually know what it says. No more taking hours to write a one page paper for class. Thank you!*
–Jessica L., Stamford, CT

   "So that’s what a nootropic is."

To be honest, I didn’t even know what a "nootropic" was before I clicked on an ad for Focusene. A natural "smart drug". Brilliant! I really couldn’t believe how well it worked. I think you guys will sell a ton of this stuff.*
–Dwight P., Malden, MA

   "In the zone!"

Bye bye scatterbrain, hello focus! I take it every day and it keeps me zoned in on what’s important.*
–Daniel B., Scranton, PA

   "Natural [attention] Support? Wow!"

My family and I are "all natural" junkies! So when my sister told me that she may have found a natural way to help me with me with what a doctor diagnosed me as, ADHD, I was beyond excited. Refusing to take prescription medications, my poor attention span has made life a little hard to say the least! After the first dose, after only about 15 minutes, I started to feel the benefits. PLUS, its so affordable!*
–Larry D., Joshua, TX

  "Works fast."

This stuff really works. And I have had no weird side effects. Would definitely recommend.*
–Andrew P. Hesperia, CA

  "Protects my brain from forgetfulness"

The older I get the more trouble I have with focusing and remembering things, thus I wanted some help. I did some research, checked in with my natural pharmacist about all the ingredients and he said it was worth a try. So I tried it out, and guess what? It works! And the price?! A steal when you look at everything in the capsules.*
–Lori A. Evanston, IL

  "Didn’t want to be on meds."

The last thing I wanted to do to finally have focus was take a medication that is basically speed! Thank goodness there is an effective, NATURAL way to help me stay focused. Plus after taking it for about three months now, I feel like even when I don’t take it, I can focus. Talk about a miracle. You gotta try it!*
–Mike B. Ithaca, NY

  "I take it at the office."

I work in an open space office with about 50 people buzzing about, all in my line of vision. That alone is overwhelming. Add in three (ever changing) project deadlines, and I've got way too much to keep track of! One day I decided that I should look into herbal ways to focus in such stressful and often chaotic setting. I found it in Focusene!*
–Maddy J. Chicago, IL

*Disclaimer: Testimonials represent individual customer experiences and should not be considered typical customer experiences. Every customer's body is different and will respond differently to natural supplements.

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